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Are You Sabotaging Your Own Success?

Are you sabotaging your own success?

Are you finding ways not to do business? Do you even realise that you are putting road blocks in people’s way that prevent them from buying from you?

I have repeatedly come across this situation, mainly in the retail and craft industry I hasten to add that only think locally, whereas for companies like mine that offer digital services internationally, it’s quite a shock to hear!

Take a look at my video and see if this resonates with you too and let us help you put a stop to the self sabotage!

Yes I Do Self Sabotage, But What Can I Do About It?!

Anything and everything! Well done for waking up to the possibilities of growing your small business, because I really do just want to help you bring in more money, get found easier and sell more of what you love creating.

I come from a very creative family, my father is a Master Jeweller, he is now ‘retired’ from the Jewellery Quarter but still makes jewellery for people that I help him sell online. Take a look here – Statement Silver Designs.

I also create pattern designs for Spoonflower, design jewellery for my dad and draw children’s illustrations for artwork and greeting cards, books etc.

So you can see that for me to hear “I think selling online destroys the high street”, is just a way of passing up opportunities for you and weighing yourself down with other people’s economic troubles.

So get onto Facebook, Shopify, Etsy, Trouva or similar boutique online selling and create a small profile, take some photos or ask around for a local photography group that would love to help create you a portfolio. Hook up with Paypal and away you go! And don’t look back!

If you need some help with installing a WordPress template with ‘Woo Commerce’ to sell your products online then we are here to help get you up and running. Visit our website to view our services we can offer you with your business.

We can also help set up a Shopify Ecommerce shop and link it to your Facebook selling page. There’s so many options, it hurts me that people aren’t taking full advantage!

email helen@websitemagpie.com if you need developer assistance. We’re happy to help!