How Anthony Joshua packs a punch with his marketing strategy

What’s not to love about this young British boxer? Once voted GQ Sportsman of the Year, he turned from roguish youth to boxing star and there are a lot of small businesses that can learn from the man and team that have built the brand of Anthony Joshua.

Let’s take a closer look at why his marketing strategy is so successful and ways a small business can emulate the same success.  

Success isn’t lucky, it’s hard work and dedication.

Anthony Joshua

Image credit: Youtube, Anthony Joshua

Build your support network around you

Anthony will gladly tell you himself (and has in many youtube videos) that he needs a team behind him to achieve great things. Being an entrepreneur isn’t just about having one idea and forming a business, you need business acumen, marketing, and financial skills to launch and support your idea and it’s growth….failing that wing it!

Our top business hacks to get your business off to a great start.  

  1. Check out Pandle, Quickbooks, Kashflow and other financial accountancy packages to keep track of quotes and proposals. Link it up to your bank account and hey presto you have a much cheaper solution than an accountant.
  2. You can’t do world domination solo, use other people’s expertise to support your services, build into your price the cost to outsource services you know you will need help with and don’t undercharge clients, it’ll bite you in the bum!
  3. Create a Facebook and Instagram business accounts and synch them up together to cross-post and engage with your audience. Research niche appropriate #tags to use from other people’s profiles and keep a record of which ones get more interest and engagement. Rinse and repeat!
  4. Dependent on what your niche is, use Linkedin to bring attention to your product or service to professional people that are hanging out in a professional space.
  5. Explore Mailchimp or Hubspot to build your client list and manage mass email for free. They have a huge bank of resources to use for free, learn these tools, they will ultimately be a business lifeline when you experience quiet days.
  6. In your first year, your business is going to change a lot, you’ll want to experiment and you’ll be learning new things all the time. I’d seriously suggest NOT investing in a professionally built website in this period, it will feel a waste of money as you will change so much through this experimental period. Hold off for as long as you can with just a simple one-page site you can build yourself easily via Wix or Weebly for free and very cheap.
  7. Use Canva for free and start to build up a colour palette you like most, this will later form your corporate identity and brand.
  8. Create a simple business card and go networking where possible locally, keep all cards you receive and add them to your client list in Mailchimp or Hubspot for them to receive notifications of what you are up to. They gave you their card, this gives you an all-clear to email – they can always unsubscribe!

Not just a boxer but a whole experience…

Anyone who isn’t familiar with Anthony Joshua and his massive heavy-weight boxing success…shame on you! lol, ok well he’s a pretty awesome one-man fighting machine with currently an undefeated 4 World heavyweight titles to his name and he is only 28 but he is more than just a boxer he is a huge brand in his own right, (disclaimer, written in 2018 pre-defeat!)

Anthony’s website is a fully immersive experience to the user, providing video content in the background and throughout his web design, showcasing his skills in the ring and off it with interviews. Anyone wanting to get a little slice of the Joshua brand can now buy merchandise, tickets, follow his training programmes and tips to health and fitness and receive regular news feeds and information directly from his team, to see it for yourself follow this link – www.anthonyjoshua.com 

“Stop wondering if you are good enough, know that you are and start acting like it.”

Anthony Joshua

By providing more information and immersive experience to the interested party than just standard text or images, it shows who Anthony is and what he is capable of achieving. But what can a small business do in order to achieve a similar ‘immersive experience’ to their prospective clients?

  1. Ask yourself if you can provide more to an interested browser looking at your services before they call you. Can you create a video? – there are free packages like www.Lumen5.com that will work with images and text to create a simple video for you that you can place on your website. 
  2. Can you create a podcast and embed this on your website for people to subscribe to regularly hear what you have to say on the subject they are most interested in.
  3. You can create infographics that act as useful tools to provide information in a fun easy to read way. These can be created for free using the tool – piktochart.com   
  4. We hugely recommend using Designerr to create e-books for your clients to download for free or paid for you to generate a passive income from your knowledge. Click on this link to learn more (we are affiliates of this programme and will receive a small fee for recommending if you purchase the product, but why wouldn’t you? it’s fantastic!)

Be more successful in doing what you love…

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