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How To Change Fonts In WordPress

How To Change Fonts In WordPress

Let me show you a super easy way to change the font types in your WordPress blog or website.

Watch the video tutorial below or read through the notes for a step by step guide to installing and customising your website.

What’s The Best Font’s To Use In A Website?

I like to use www.fonts.google.com to have a really good look around the fonts I like and suggestions for what other fonts they may work well with.

Go take a look! It’s a fantastic FREE resource for website designers and developers that also gives you the short codes to use.

Which WordPress Plugin Should I Use To Change The Fonts?

I recommend installing ‘Easy Google Fonts’ Plugin for WordPress, it just makes changing fonts in your blog or website super quick and easy to sort yourself without the need for a developer.

From your dashboard navigate to ‘Plugins’, type ‘Easy Google Fonts’ by Titanium Themes into the search area and click the blue link to search the whole WordPress directory.

From the list you will see several choices, the one you want to download looks like this –

I’ve Got The Plugin…Now What Do I Do With It?

Now you have installed the plugin and Activated it, you want to then navigate your way back to your WordPress dashboard to ‘Appearance’ and ‘Customize’.

This will then open up your website on the right and the customizer panel to the left. From the panel you should see ‘Typography’, click on this to open the tools to change the fonts throughout your website include size, colour and font type.

How Do I Make Changes To The Website And Keep The Customizer Open?

I like to have two windows open, one for the customizer and one for the pages that may need alterations.

Navigate back to your dashboard, open up ‘Pages’ and click on whichever page you want to see changes to.

In the video tutorial you will see that I make changes to the different headers in the page and refresh to see the live changes. Try to follow these steps for each page you want to make changes to before sending live.

I find it hugely helpful in Customizer to change the ‘Publish’ to ‘Save Draft’ by clicking on the gear icon and changing the saving options. This way you can make lots of changes to the font styles and see in draft before sending live.

Once you are happy with all the new fonts and colours, go ahead and change to ‘publish’ in Customizer and Voilá! Your site is now looking swanky and without any coding needed! Yey!

Let me know how you got on with making these changes to your own website or if you have any suggestions for improvements. Head over to our homepage to see if our services can help you with your business, or email our team enquiries@websitemagpie.com