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How To Make Your Website More Mobile Friendly

A mobile responsive website has become common place over the past three years, there’s very little chance of choosing a template without the template automatically scaling to appear on mobile screens, however not all of the website functions can auto-update for you and there’s plenty of strange things that can happen when you switch between desktop view and mobile view. 

With more mobile technology in the world than humans, (and that was the statistic back in 2014!) Google are  ranking websites not on their traditional SERP score, but now ‘mobile first’, meaning websites need to provide their users with mobile friendly sites as standard.

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What is 'Mobile First' Indexing?

Since Google’s launch of ‘BERT’, their latest algorithm update in Nov 2019, the need to make sure your website gives mobile users the best experience possible is essential.

Essential because now Google are indexing websites mobile first as they anticipate more users to use their smart phones for quick information reference and local guides more than ever and therefore if your site is slow, has errors or needs updating, you will not only be losing traffic to your competition but also loss of visibility locally for your niche.

We’ve all heard about ‘mobile friendly websites’ and when choosing a website template to make sure it’s ‘mobile responsive’, but how can you make sure the template you chose reflects just as well on a mobile screen as it does on a desktop? 

Without getting too technical, take a look at these simple steps to make your website more mobile friendly and score higher Google SEO points along the way, #winning!

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"The truth is, decision-making is not a rational process, but one driven mainly by how people feel. "

Google 2020

So What Can I Do To Make My Site More Mobile Friendly?

When building your website, always make sure the pages look just as great on your phone as they do on a desktop. With the increase in people using their smart phones to browse the internet throughout the day and night, you need to make sure your website is performing at it’s best and people can easily find the information they need.

1. How quickly does your website take to load?

    • Open a browser on your phone and view your website 
    • Do all of the images appear? 
    • Are any of the images and /or text too small to see on your phone? 

2. Is there a lot of ‘noise’ on the site? i.e. is there too much animation, too many things whooshing in and out of the screen which can be distracting for the user and will cause a high bounce rate.

3. Pop-Up’s – everyone’s most hated! You might want to build your email list but there are other ways of going about that (I’ll come on to that in a later blog). 

    • Make sure to turn off pop-ups, there’s nothing more annoying than finding the information you need and it’s being blocked by a difficult to get rid of pop-up.

4. Contact Forms – Make sure your contact forms are easy to complete. The correct keyboard should pop up and the submit buttons are easy to use.

5. Turn off flash! This is a big one and thankfully with the advancement in technology, websites are running on HTML and not flash so this shouldn’t be an issue. However if you have any element of flash on your site, get rid and replace with something else. 

6. Standard Fonts – Use standard fonts to keep things simple. Custom fonts may look pretty but if it causes complications for the site to load and users to read, you will loose visitors which in turn will affect your business. 

How Can I Check My Site For Free?

Head over to Google’s free website checker and see if your website is mobile friendly or if you need to make some tweaks to better serve your users. The link is here and this is what the site looks like. 



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Once you have submitted your full domain url including the https:// element, the site will begin to analyse the website and provide you with either a green screen or red screen with recommendations to update for improve usability.

And remember, there is no shame in asking the experts to step in and sort your visibility issues out. Get in touch with Helen for a free chat via helen@websitemagpie.com.