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The Importance of Inbound Marketing For Your Business

Are you starting a new content marketing strategy for your business and have come across the term ‘Inbound Marketing’ but don’t know what it is or where to start?

Stick around! We’re here to explain and give you some pro tips to get you started.

What is ‘inbound marketing’?

Inbound marketing, in short, is content created by you to attract visitors from third party sources. For example:

  1. Facebook or Instagram posts that use an image and links to your website.
  2. Images on Pinterest that provide a link back to your blog.
  3. A quote from a blog posted on Twitter.
  4. An excerpt page or quote from an e-book you have created with a link back to the original source on your website or landing page.
Inbound marketing via Pinterest. Upload image, add heading and text. Remember to add the link for people to read the details.

How To Create Your Own Inbound Marketing Tools

Being in business is more than just delivering a service or product to a client, it is also important to attract new clients and retain existing ones. You should also be looking for recommendations from people that have come across you from reading your content although maybe not in a position to use your services.

To do this, you need to talk to people about what you offer, how you can help them and ways they can buy from you. And this is the main difference between ‘Inbound Marketing’ and marketing that’s paid to advertise because people are finding you ‘organically‘.

Inbound is attracting the customers to your content that are interested in the subject and naturally follow the link to find out more.

3 Marketing Tools You Could Create To Attract Visitors:

  1. Use your blog as a tool to teach others what you know, this provides prospective clients the confidence you know what you are capable of and can do what you are saying you can do.
  2. Create useful ‘how-to’ guides, your client may initially feel they can handle what is needed on their own and could follow your helpful guides, or this could become exactly the push the client needs to get in touch with you for your help.
  3. Create an e-book that gives clients useful tools and easy to follow steps, maybe a checklist of actions and depending on what your key subject is, maybe a calendar for them to implement each element at different stages.

Resource Suggestions When Creating Your Content

It goes without saying that Canva is the ultimate king in creating beautiful social media posts, e-book covers, banners, blog images, flyers…the list goes on.

For us, Canva is fantastic, you can create a free account and use hundreds of their free templates, download to PNG or PDF or directly print depending on what you need to do with what you have created, and et voila! you have an immediately beautiful, well-crafted piece of art to go with your inbound marketing content.

Canva dashboard and our own blog post image we created in here for free

Another great resource we at Website Magpie like to use when creating blogs is Grammarly, which is free to use but you need to install it as a Chrome extension.

Once you’ve installed the app, you can start typing directly into your blog and the extension will pick up any errors and suggestions while you type. The text will underline red and provide suggestion for improvement to click and auto change. Genius!

Youtube, this really is your friend! If you can’t find the time to sit and type a subject, making a video is sometimes much easier.

We suggest you sit somewhere quiet that no-one is going to disturb you, pick a subject you are most interested in sharing, open all the apps, pages, and video software on your computer before you being.

Then when you are ready, record! We are Mac users and like to use the built-in microphone and Quicktime Player for ease. You can click on ‘New Movie Recording’ to record yourself which we tend to minimize down to the right-hand side of the screen, and then click ‘New Screen Recording’ to record the pages you wish to share.

Remember to click ‘Float on top’ for the movie section to sit on top of your screen recording, otherwise, when you change pages, the viewer will lose sight of you!

We also like to reduce the movie file size down before uploading to Youtube to keep things quick and simple. For this task, we like to use the free tool ‘Handbrake‘ which optimizes your media to MP4 in minutes.

A live example of Inbound Marketing

This is an example of one of our inbound marketing techniques, please follow the below link via Linkedin which will give you a clear ‘live’ example for you to follow and implement into your business content strategy.

And Finally…

Hopefully, you will have gained lots of inspiration and tips for creating your own inbound marketing.

If you need any help creating a digital strategy for your business, get in touch with a member of our team. We will speak with you in person to get a clear idea of where you are at with your content now and ways we can improve this for you. Email helen@websitemagpie.com for more details.

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